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  • Zimbabwe

    Anger flares in high density areas

    People whose taps run, whose dustman calls every day, whose air is clean and fresh and whose lights and household gadgetry go on at the flick of a switch can readily understand the despair boiling up to rage of dwellers in crowded urban high density areas - who go for weeks without any of these essentials of modern living.
    31 May 2005 - Mana Wevhu
  • Sudan

    Stop rape and sexual violence in Darfur

    Rape continues to plague women and girls in war-ravaged communities across Darfur despite international pledges, according to the international humanitarian medical aid organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

    27 May 2005 - MSF
  • Liberia

    Dire working and living conditions in Firestone rubber plantation exposed

    Firestone Rubber operates one of the world's largest rubber plantations in Liberia. A report that is critical of working conditions, and the lack of educational opportunities for the children of Firestone's labourers, has been published by the Liberian NGO, Save My Future Foundation (SAMFU).
    25 May 2005 - Save My Future Foundation
  • Interfaith relations

    Pius Ncube dedicates Scottish peace award to Zimbabwe people

    Upon receiving this year's Scottish Robert Burns International Humanitarian Award, Archbishop Pius Ncube dedicated it to the suffering people of his country, Zimbabwe, and urged Britain not to send exiles from his nation back to what he says is certain death.
    24 May 2005 - Trevor Grundy
  • Gender

    Teach a woman to fish.. and everyone eats. Why women are key to fighting global poverty

    In a world that continues to shrink, how are women affected by trade agreements, shifting buying patterns, and changes in the availability of basic supplies?
    19 May 2005 - Elizabeth Palmberg
  • Ecology

    For Cameroon's pygmies, no forest is impenetrable enough

    The traditional way of life of hunter-gatherers known as pygmies is threatened not only by the presence of loggers but by the failure to identify them as a part of the forest ecosystem.
    17 May 2005 - Sylvestre Tetchiada
  • Ecology

    Recurrent dry spells 'cause for concern' in southern Africa

    The rising temperatures and recurrent dry spells in Southern Africa points to the impact of climate change and are "cause for concern", a senior scientist said.
    14 May 2005 - Africafiles
  • Africa

    Africa and the UN Security Council Permanent Seats

    As the battle for permanent seats on a reformed United Nations Security Council heats up, the author treads the minefield of politics and internal dealings over the African contenders in the race. The battle ahead, he writes, is likely to be “long, nasty and brutal” and is sure to lead to increased tensions between African power brokers.

    6 May 2005 - Dr Wafula Okumu
  • Kenya

    The constitution as a promissory note

    The people of Kenya should demand a constitution that recognizes
    inequality and poverty, that is committed to the liberation of women,
    that sees health and education as human rights, and that addresses land
    3 May 2005 - Mukoma Ngugi
  • Africa

    Mapping the path for democratisation of Africa

    Can Africa's history of undemocratic and authoritarian states be overcome? Wafula Okumu says hard work and commitment lie ahead, but that there is cause for optimism.

    22 April 2005 - Wafula Okumu
  • Rwanda

    Genocide and the role of the Church in Rwanda

    What exactly was the role of the Catholic Church in the Rwandan
    genocide? NDAHIRO TOM, a Rwandan human rights commissioner, paints a picture of deep historical and political complicity and calls for the Church to restore its credibility by contributing to the process of justice.
    16 April 2005 - Ndahiro Tom
  • Report card

    Botswana a model for Africa?

    The year 2016 features prominently in most Botswana programmes and education is no exception
    13 April 2005 - Rodrick Mukumbira
  • Darfur, Sudan

    Darfur - the failure to protect

    Two years into the crisis in Darfur, the humanitarian, security and political situation is deteriorating. Atrocity crimes are continuing, people are still dying in large numbers of malnutrition and disease and a new famine is feared.
    17 March 2005 - International Crisis Group
  • Economic Justice

    KAIROS Analysis of Outcome of Feb. 4-5, 2005

    Pleasant images are endlessly revolving in our heads because of the spin that has been so subtly applied to the debt cancellation theme. Many today believe that the recent memorandum of understanding recently promulgated on this theme after the G7 Finance ministers meeting was an agreement to effect the debt cancellation scheme on behalf of the poorest nations. A closer reading, conducted by Kairos and other interested parties, of the suggestions bandied about at the meeting shows that the real aim of even the most fervent promoters of the MDGs is, approximately, a ten year respite from debt armotization for the affected countries, NOT debt cancellation.
    17 March 2005 - kairos
  • EDUCATION IN AFRICA:Colonialism and the Millennium Development Goals

    Education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of a mineworker, can become the head of the mine, that the child of farm workers can become the president of a great nation. Nelson Mandela
    2 March 2005 - Hugh McCullum
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