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  • Nigeria

    It’s jungle justice for ritual killers

    Tired of the recent upsurge in ritual murders,residents of affected neighbourhoods have resorted to lynching of suspected perpetrators of the ghastly acts.
    5 November 2005 - Toye Olori
  • Swaziland

    Reporting on AIDS Orphans a Balancing Act

    The plight of AIDS orphans in Swaziland, currently labouring under the world's highest HIV prevalence rate, is an issue that demands coverage. Journalists often find themselves in a quandary concerning how best to tackle it, however.
    4 November 2005 - James Hall
  • Development

    World Bank Chief Says Africa Is First Priority

    Less than six months into his job at the helm of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz has announced that tackling poverty and deprivations in Africa is going to be the World Bank's top priority.
    1 November 2005 - Linus Atarah
  • Darfur, Sudan

    Darfur rebel leaders urged to unite in peace

    Refugees from Darfur's bloody two-and-a-half-year conflict are urging rebel leaders to use an upcoming meeting to end their bickering and get on with the task of making peace with Sudan's Khartoum-based government.
    28 October 2005 - Opheera McDoom
  • Sudan

    Darfur situation deteriorating - UNHCR

    The situation in the western Sudanese region of Darfur is deteriorating sharply, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Antonio Guterres, has warned.
    26 October 2005 - IRIN
  • Nigeria

    A lethal dose of shame

    Across Nigeria, the prejudice and denial surrounding HIV/AIDS are major obstacles in trying to stem the spread of the pandemic. But the predominantly Muslim North presents special challenges.
    19 October 2005 - IRIN
  • Africa

    HRW highlights impact of AIDS on schooling

    A new report by the New York-based human rights watchdog highlights the impact of HIV/AIDS on schooling.
    11 October 2005 - Plusnews
  • Nigeria

    Government launches school feeding programme

    A school feeding programme has been launched with a view to attracting more children to school.
    11 October 2005 - Toye Olori
  • Kenya

    Justice delayed

    The continued inefficiency in the judiciary is a major stumbling block to the smooth running of business in Kenya, though government officials are optimistic of a steady improvement.
    6 October 2005 - Fred Oluoch
  • Zimbabwe

    IMF, govt differ over economic outlook

    The IMF paints a grim picture of Zimbabwe, a fact that the government denies.
    6 October 2005 - IRIN
  • South Africa

    Could Adam's descendents be living in Africa?

    In Southern Africa lives someone who has the closest match to the DNA of a man who walked the Earth 60 000 years ago - and Dr Spencer Wells is hoping to shake his hand one day.
    4 October 2005 - Shaun Smillie
  • Ethiopia

    Democracy finally gains roots

    The recent elections in Ethiopia, though highly-disputed, resulted into major democratic gains in a country that is more familiar with dictatorship than democracy since 1930 when Emperor Haile Selassie assumed the throne.
    22 September 2005 - Fred Oluoch
  • Nigeria

    Peer review gets underway

    Nigeria has embarked on a process leading to the implementation of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) in the country.
    22 September 2005 - Toye Olori
  • Kenya

    Impending referendum polarizes country

    Save for the constitutional issues, the forthcoming referendum will be a mid-term verdict by various regions on the political and economic performance of president Mwai Kibaki's government.
    21 September 2005 - Fred Oluoch
  • Uganda

    LRA and military in rights violation

    In December 2003, President Yoweri Museveni asked the Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate and prosecute abuses by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). But a new report released on September 20 by the Human Rights Watch group, the Uganda army has itself carried out serious crimes that demand prosecution.
    21 September 2005 - Henry Neondo
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