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  • Kenya

    Kibaki walks a tight rope

    A political crisis engendered by Kibaki's decision to shut out of his cabinet a key coalition partner is now threatening his very survival.
    20 December 2005 - Stephen Lumumba
  • Africa

    Disillusion in Southern Africa Ahead of Trade Summit

    Campaigners from Southern Africa are bracing for the World Trade Organisation (WTO) talks to be held in Hong Kong later this month. Some plan to send representatives to the meeting, to protest against unfair trade legislation – particularly as this relates to agriculture.

    12 December 2005 - Moyiga Nduru
  • Kenya

    Things fall apart

    Ford Kenya chairman, Musikari Kombo, dealt Kibaki a severe blow when he led his party in a mass walkout from the Cabinet. He pulled out of Government with five assistant ministers: Soita Shitanda, Noah Wekesa, Moses Wetang'ula, David Were and party secretary-general John Munyes.
    9 December 2005 - The Standard
  • South Africa

    Zuma's political career unlikely to recover from rape charge, say analysts

    Former South African Deputy President Jacob Zuma's political career is in jeopardy following rape charges.
    7 December 2005 - IRIN
  • South Africa

    Zuma's political career unlikely to recover from rape charge, say analysts

    Former South African Deputy President Jacob Zuma's political career is on the doldrums following a rape charge.
    7 December 2005 - IRIN
  • Sudan

    Gender-based violence still rampant in Darfur, say aid agencies

    Humanitarian agencies have called for increased efforts to prevent sexual and gender-based violence (GBV) in war-torn western Sudan, saying such acts against women violate their human rights.
    5 December 2005 - IRIN
  • Nigeria

    Uproar over Obasanjo's third term campaign

    President Olusegun Obasanjo’s allies want him to amend the constitution in order to run for a third term in 2007. But human rights activists wouldn’t hear this.
    2 December 2005 - Toye Olori
  • Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe faces grilling in Gambia over rights abuses

    The African Commission meeting in Banjul next week is expected to discuss the human rights situation in Zimbabwe. An ACHPR fact-finding mission visited the country in June 2002. Their report was adopted by the African Commission in January this year. Entitled "Facts and Fictions" it exposes the unwillingness by the government of Zimbabwe and its agencies to comply with the recommendations, especially on national dialogue and reconciliation.
    21 November 2005 - Augustine Mukaro
  • South Africa

    Guns and gender violence - a lethal combination

    As violence against women becomes rampant in Africa, in South Africa a woman is shot dead by her current or former partner every six hours, and such cases rose by 78 percent between 1990 and 1999.
    17 November 2005 - IRIN
  • Morocco

    Asylum-seekers start hunger strike

    11 November 2005 - AFP
  • Liberia

    Liberia's 'Iron lady' ready to make history

    If Ellen Johnson Sirleaf wins in Tomorrow's second round run-off of Liberia's presidential elections, she will become the first female president of an African country.
    7 November 2005 - Lauren Gelfand
  • Nigeria

    It’s jungle justice for ritual killers

    Tired of the recent upsurge in ritual murders,residents of affected neighbourhoods have resorted to lynching of suspected perpetrators of the ghastly acts.
    5 November 2005 - Toye Olori
  • Swaziland

    Reporting on AIDS Orphans a Balancing Act

    The plight of AIDS orphans in Swaziland, currently labouring under the world's highest HIV prevalence rate, is an issue that demands coverage. Journalists often find themselves in a quandary concerning how best to tackle it, however.
    4 November 2005 - James Hall
  • Development

    World Bank Chief Says Africa Is First Priority

    Less than six months into his job at the helm of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz has announced that tackling poverty and deprivations in Africa is going to be the World Bank's top priority.
    1 November 2005 - Linus Atarah
  • Darfur, Sudan

    Darfur rebel leaders urged to unite in peace

    Refugees from Darfur's bloody two-and-a-half-year conflict are urging rebel leaders to use an upcoming meeting to end their bickering and get on with the task of making peace with Sudan's Khartoum-based government.
    28 October 2005 - Opheera McDoom
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