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Saturday 18 September 2010

All Set for Nairobi International Trade Fair

The fair is the biggest exhibition in East Africa and the sole surviving agri-business show in the region.

By Peter Omondi

The Nairobi International Trade Fair opens its door to the public this month with both local and international exhibitors participating.The century old fair, is this time round bigger and show lovers have been promised a revamped event with more exhibitors from all over the world pitching tent at Jamhuri Park.

Speaking during a courtesy call to the Nairobi PC,  Ndirangu Njoroge, the Nairobi International Trade Fair branch chairman,  John Nthuku, said the fair will offer the goers an opportunity to meet a number of exhibitors from different countries and backgrounds thereby offering them a chance to exchange agri-business.

“We have a rich selection of exhibits from all over the world that represent all sectors of the economy. Players in livestock, trade and industry all have something special for you to see and learn from. I hope our visitors will benefit immensely by attending the trade fair,” said Nthuku.

The theme of the this year show is Driving Agri-Business in attaining food sufficiency and Vision 2030, which the branch chairman, says is the current hot issues in regard with the population influx and changing weather patterns.

Nthuku further said: “In the global market place, the battle to capture and hold the attention of potential customers is growing more and more fiercely all the time. In order to continue attracting exhibitors and show goers, ASK and its branches must embrace strategic marketing not only to the local market but also globally.”

This year the fair has so far attracted 75 international and 320 local exhibitors.The committee organizing the trade fair intends to put up an ultra –modern state of the art exhibition hall with all modern communication equipment at an estimated cost of Kshs.2billion (US$25million). The show committee is inviting stakeholders to support it in this project.

“Trade fairs have become the norm everywhere and this is the best way to market products and services. That’s why we intend to upgrade the fair with the state of the art technology,” said the chairman.

The existence of Nairobi International Trade Fair can be traced back to 1901 when the agricultural and horticultural society was formed with its headquarters in Nairobi. In 1972 it hosted the first all Africa Trade Fair and in 1986 the first Preferential Trade Area (PTA) Trade Fair. In 2002, it became a trade fair and now offers opportunity from regional, continental and global exhibitors to exhibit and demonstrate their services and products.

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