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Last update: 16 September 2014 h. 13:20
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  • Tuesday 16 September 2014

    Kenya: Nairobi Meeting to Discuss Food Security Challenges

    The meeting preceding World Day on October 16, will debate why Kenya, like many African countries, are dependent on food imports, unable to feed its people on domestic production alone. This is despite Africa’s abundant land and resources.
  • Friday 5 September 2014

    CAR Congo: Prime Minister Calls For Reconciliation Dialogue By End Of Year

    Civil war in CAR broke out on Dec 10, 2012 between Seleka a Muslim rebel group and government forces, ousting the then President Bozize in March 2013, with the rebel's leader Djotodia declaring himself president, leading to a bloody authoritarian rule over citizens of Christian inclination for ten months before anti-Balaka a Christian outfit was formed to counter the brutality of Seleka forcing them out of power and Muslims to flee into the neighbouring Chad.
  • Friday 5 September 2014

    Nigeria: Boko Haram Now Targeting Men

    When it first launched attacks in 2009, Boko Haram mainly targeted Christians under the pretext of wanting to establish an Islamic state, but since mid-2013, the group has focused its attacks on government security agents as well as on civilians of both Christian and Muslim faiths in their homes, markets, hospitals and schools, killing more than 3 000 people in the north of the country this year alone.
  • Friday 5 September 2014

    Ethiopia: 40,000 Refugees from South Sudan Attempt to Survive in Flooded Camps

    The camp is located on flat, bare ground, with “black cotton soil” on which the floodwater pools and stagnates.
  • Thursday 4 September 2014

    South Sudan: Health Services Struggle to Meet Needs

    Since last December, health services in the country have been overstretched. “The lack of security has caused many health workers to flee.



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